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Connecting China to Europe/Central Asia

Middle Corridor CEVA solutions

Weekly Block Train, T/T PTP: 30~35 days

CEVA’s New Middle Corridor Rail Solution Connecting China to Europe/Central Asia

  • The current geopolitical conflict between Ukraine and Russia is having a far-reaching impact on the global supply chain. Rail and truck traffic along the Eurasian corridor is concerned. 
  • CEVA Logistics has tapped a new block train solution in response to Russia-Ukraine crisis. The new solution includes rail and intermodal transport connecting Xi’an (China) to European /Central Asia cities via Turkey and Caspian Sea. 
  • Weekly departure starts from May 2022
  • In addition, the TIR trucking service was also available for this new routing.


Ground freight
Block Train Routing Map


  • Time saving (avg. 30-35 days port to port from Xi’an to Duisburg), comparing to 40-45 days via Ocean, but at similar cost 
  • Dense network of carriers with stringent compliance, performance management, and own road network for first/last mile delivery
  • Secured capacity & container availability, departure at weekly basis
  • Cargo control (QHSE procedures, TAPA certifications, ISO) 
  • World Class Customer Service with a multilingual team and reporting flexibility 
  • Engineering DNA (network design, route optimization) 
  • CEVA local teams in each transit country 
  • Rail transport contributes to CO2 emissions reduction
  • The routes do not pass through Ukrainian or Russian territories and can be covered by all risk insurance
Middle Corridor CEVA solutions